Windows 95

You will need a disk drive with more than 512 MB of space, since Amber is at least that large. Therefore, you will have to enable large disk support for Windows 95 when you install it. See the image below


After walking through the install process, you should have Windows 95 installed on your system. It should look something like the image shown below


At this point, you will need your 26 Windows 95 floppy disks to install drivers to access the internet. You will also need to connect your phone line (not cell phone—this kind of phone) so you can access The Internet.

Here, you will need to download Cygwin and <handwaving> modify the executable to run on Windows 95 (or add the appropriate dll's so it will natively install on Windows 95) </handwaving>. Then, you can follow the instructions found here to finish the Cygwin installation.

Now you are ready to install Amber 11 on your Windows 95 machine! Download the source code from the Amber website (this is where your large hard drive and phone line come in handy). You should download one at a time, extract them, and then delete the tarball to save space. You should probably also get rid of the whole test/ directory, since they will almost assuredly all fail, anyway (and they take up way too much space).

A few days later, your downloads should be done and you should be ready to begin. After you are done, don't forget to shut down your computer properly (see the reference images below for details).


If you've done it correctly, you should see the image below, just wait for it to tell you it's safe to power off the machine. Now, of course, power off the machine (it's the same button you used to turn it on).

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